This morning I heard half a dozen different birds singing and chortling near my house.....but, in 10 years they will all be gone. 24/7 Silent Spring, forever.

The proposed new approach to land management and conservation in NSW will lead to massive, uncontrolled landclearing and few productivity gains.

The existing regime has partially protected our natural environment and has only suffered from a lack of manpower funding

The new regime will be much more complicated, unregulated, underfunded and lacks guiding baselines or conservation principals.l

There will be no consideration of the cumulative impacts of landclearing.

There will be no consideration of the climate change impacts of land clearing.

Conservation gains will not be Law as they are now, but reliant on short term funding.

The government has not set any limits on the amount of land clearing, nor recognised that it is a finite and irreplaceable resource.

There is no ban on broadscale clearing, much less and inadequate environmental impact assessments, no allowance for wider public participation, an exceedingly lax offsets regime, and vital underresourcing of monitoring or law enforcement.

The new laws have yet to consider urban areas, it contains contradictory laws and is reliant on arbitrary, inadequate mapping techniqes.

These factors mitigate against increasing farmers' or the publics' awareness of, or appreciation for our REMAINING natural environment ( 20% ).

Stop the Baird Goverment's proposals to destroy NSW's native flora and fauna, and soils.

The focus of land management could and should be on using what we've got intelligently, not wastefully.

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