Dear Sir/Madam, Land clearing is not 'vegetation management', it is habitat destruction. I oppose the NSW Governments proposed new land clearing laws, and support stronger protection for bushland and wildlife. I am concerned that the proposed changes will increase land clearing and carbon pollution, push wildlife closer to the brink of extinction and undermine the sustainability of our farmland. I also think it is very insulting to the farming community to assume that they as a body are incapable of adapting to the necessity of protecting the environment, that they could not support the INNOVATION and FLEXIBILITY required to bring farming into line with the dire exigencies of the current day. Obviously there are always backwards minds and knee jerk 'my day' conservatives. I think rural people are much smarter; and the catch phrases of the government now would be better served by investing in programs in rural communitites to improve efficiency and leverage new technologies to get the best of their land without wrecking it or feeling driven to raze more natural land in order to ruin it. I am particularly concerned with proposed changes that will: -> Repeal the Native Vegetation Act 2003 and Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 - these are important laws that have led to a significant decrease in land clearing and habitat loss; -> Remove the requirement to maintain or improve biodiversity values, leading to a decline in environmental outcomes, soil health, water quality and salinity; -> Limit important safeguards, such as red flag areas for environmentally sensitive areas; -> Expand the use of self-assessable codes, allowing landholders to clear trees with little oversight and; -> Increase the use of biodiversity offsets, with variations to like for like offsetting and allowing proponents to clear trees in exchange for paying money into a fund. I call on the government to withdraw the Draft Biodiversity Conservation Act and Local Land Services Amendment Act, and commit to laws which will genuinely improve outcomes for nature. Please count this as my submission to the proposed biodiversity conservation reform package. I give permission for this submission to be made public. Yours Sincerely, Jacqueline Bouf 2132

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