Dear Premier Baird, I am appalled that the NSW government is on the verge of repealing the Native Veg Act 2003 and TSC Act 1995. This is the most retrograde step for the environment in a generation. And I would like you to examine your conscience as to how you've permitted this to happen. I had the impression that you trained at a university where it was about taking over stewardship of God's kingdom and now you're allowing NSW's hard-core farmers to tear it apart. This is 2016 and you want to take us back to the Dark Ages. And I have no faith whatsoever in your so-called offsets. they are worth nix and you know it. Everything in the new package is designed to allow farmers who don't want to do the right thing to start hoeing into their vegetation just like happened in Queensland when Campbell Newman tore those equivalent laws up. So..carbon storage? Forget it. Biodiversity? See you later. Extinctions? Here we come. I refuse to play the game of going through your proposed tawdry new laws and trying to find something decent in there. Yours Sincerely, Harry Laing 2622

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