Dear Sir/Madam, I strongly oppose the NSW Governments intended land clearing laws. I demand protection for NSW bushland and wildlife. Thes proposed changes are retrograde, unsustainable and counter to climate and biodiversity responsibility. It will also increase degradation of rivers and agricultural land. Any intent to: Repeal the Native Vegetation Act 2003 and Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 identifies your government as being short sighted, irresponsible and in the service of mindless unsustainable development. The mal intent of these proposals is obvious through the over reliance upon offsets ad infinitum and the expectation that self assessment will engage objectivity. Self assessment is inherently mired in a conflict of interests as you well know. The government must withdraw the Draft Biodiversity Conservation Act and Local Land Services Amendment Act, and commit to laws which will genuinely provide instruments appropriate to the overt intent of the bill titles, namely those that improve protections for nature by providing viable checks and balances to vegetation clearing. Please count this as my submission to the proposed biodiversity conservation reform package. I give permission for this submission to be made public. Yours Sincerely, Greg McDonald 2229

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