Dear Sir/Madam RE: Changes to NSW Biodiversity and Conservation Laws Please count this as my submission to the proposed Biodiversity Conservation Reform package. I give permission for this submission to be made public. I write to oppose the NSW Governments proposed new land clearing laws which will increase land clearing and carbon pollution. The changes will further reduce dwindling habitat, the primary cause pushing the states flora and fauna closer to the brink of extinction. I am absolutely opposed to the proposals that will: - Repeal the Native Vegetation Act 2003 and Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. This Act has led to a significant decrease in land clearing and habitat loss. - Remove the requirement to maintain or improve biodiversity values. This will lead to a decline in environmental outcomes, soil health, water quality and salinity. - Expand the use of self-assessable codes. This will waken protection and allow landholders to clear trees with little oversight. - Increase the use of biodiversity offsets, with variations to like for like offsetting and allowing proponents to clear trees in exchange for paying money into a fund. - Limit important safeguards, such as red flag areas for environmentally sensitive areas. I call on the government to commit to laws which will genuinely improve outcomes for nature and withdraw the Draft Biodiversity Conservation Act and Local Land Services Amendment Act. Yours sincerely Glenn Burgess Cooks Hill NSW 2300

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