I am elderly and very ill so cannot lodge a long or formal submission. However, I can read to some extent and wish to register my strong objection to the proposed changes to the Native Vegetation Act 2003 as they weaken the protection of the environment and our native animals. I come from a family which farmed here since the 1850s and am aware of the issues farmers face. Many, if not most, family farmers (as opposed to agribusinesses) would oppose the watering down of land protection as we live in more enlightened times than my forebears.

I am deeply concerned with the effects of global warming and its effects on our continent. My grandchildren and all others who come after us will judge us harshly for our inaction. These proposed biodiversity and land clearing changes will increase our wilful disregard for the productive future of our land.

Please strengthen our laws to protect our land, native vegetation and animals, not weaken them as is being proposed here.

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