I cannot believe it is true. Could any government in this country really be making it easier for people to remove important habitat for our endangered species? Are we back in the 19th century when we did not understand the implications of what we do when we remove habitat and destroy wildlife?

We just have to look at the number of species lost in Australia to understand how easy it is to lose them if we do not look after them.

It looks as if the two bills will make it very easy for uncaring individuals to destroy precious habitat? If so it will be enough to make me take away my support from the Baird government. If a government is so uncaring about the land and flora and fauna of our country, or do not seem to understand what their actions will bring, then they do not deserve support. We can fix many mistakes we make, but making a mistake and losing species from our planet is not fixable. That is a mistake we cannot afford to make. This government I believe needs to make these decisions more carefully or should not be voted back in, despite how well it may be doing in other areas. These two bills need to be amended to protect our precious land, flora and habitat for the species we should be privileged to be taking care of.


Dan Vickers

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