Dear Sir/Madam, I l strongly support protection for bushland and wildlife. Therefore, i oppose the proposed new laws. My concern is that these changes push wildlife closer to the brink of extinction. I also strongly believe that these proposals undermine the sustainability of our farmlands. Why would we consider doing this. I am implacably opposed to the changes that will repeal the Native Vegetation Act 2003 and Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 - It is crazy, in my view ,to get rid of these Acts that have led to a significant decrease in land clearing and habitat loss. I am at a loss to explain why these proposals are being made at all. What kind of madness is it to emove the requirement to maintain or improve biodiversity values, leading to a decline in environmental outcomes, soil health, water quality and salinity? How is it in eveyone's interests to allow landholders to clear trees with little oversight ? As a voter and concerned citizen, I demand that the government withdraw the Draft Biodiversity Conservation Act and Local Land Services Amendment Act, and think again. I beseech you to commit to laws which will genuinely improve outcomes for nature. Time to wake up to reality and stop this madness. I request that this be treated as my submission to the proposed biodiversity conservation reform package. I give permission for this submission to be made public. Yours Sincerely, Carole Baker 2060

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