Dear Sir/Madam, Its a fact that one of the quickest ways to address climate change is to stop cutting down trees. Forestry Corp NSW is currently subsidised by taxpayers money to keep afloat . Its basically bankrupt with millions being poured into it to keep going. How do I know? Because I live right next to State Forests . I see the clear felling they do across wildlife corridors leading to loss of wildlife including species on the endangered list . I saw the massive erosion event last year in the Never Never , when 100, 000 tonnes of soil coloured the river red for weeks. As a member of the local Landcare Group I attended a meeting last year where Graeme Sonter, Forestry Corp , told us it would be FINE to AERIAL SPRAY for weeds as studies had shown' that as long as they stayed 5 m away from a watercourse and 10 m from a house

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