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This draft legislation appears to be driven from the development side of things. There are some serious holes and it would be a big mistake to rush this through. One shining example of such holes is the clause that tries to regulate how much a consultant could charge for a report. I would love to know an example of one other industry where it was legislated how much a consultant could charge for a report. This alone shows that the legislation has not been very well thought out and needs a lot of revision. This however is not the only problem. Another great example is the provision to offset one species with one from the same order. This clearly lacks ANY biological understanding and shows very strong support for the suggestion that this legislation was written by someone with very little biological understanding. If you want to adequately protect biodiversity (which is the idea of this and the outgoing legislation) you need to consult heavily with those in the know. I would suggest you have a good look at the submission being made by the Ecological Consultants Association of NSW which have put together a great summary of the problems with this legislation.

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