Protecting the land we value most

NSW is home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife and natural environments as well as innovative and productive farmers.

Everyone agrees we need to look after our environment. That’s why we need to work together to protect the land and animals we value. The current system doesn’t deliver for the environment and doesn’t give farmers the support they need to conserve and protect their land.

The NSW Government is proposing reforms to land management and conservation that will benefit farmers and the environment. 

Farmers are frontline custodians of our environment. These reforms give farmers the flexibility to make decisions about the land that is their livelihood and produces our food and fibre, while helping them protect our environment. We will support farmers by giving them incentives to conserve their land, while encouraging them to remain world leaders in innovative farming practices.

This will be backed by record investment in private land conservation and the Saving Our Species program.

Public consultation

The NSW Government has released a consultation package of reforms to land management and biodiversity conservation in NSW.

Drafts of the new Biodiversity Conservation Act, the amended Local Land Services Act and supporting tools are on public exhibition.

The deadline for written submissions was 5pm on 28 June 2016. 

When will the land management and biodiversity conservation reforms begin?

The government aims to introduce the legislation into the Parliament in October 2016.

Subject to Parliament passing the proposed legislation, the government will commence the new laws in two stages in 2017. The government plans to commence some enabling provisions in January 2017.

Further consultation on more detailed components of the package will take place between now and the commencement of the proposed legislation including: 

Following these preliminary steps, the government plans to start the full legislative changes from 1 July 2017.