A New Framework for Land Management

and Biodiversity Conservation Commences


The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016 take advantage of the best available science and data to ensure a balanced approach to land management and biodiversity conservation in NSW.

The integrated package of reforms features:

  • New arrangements that allow land owners to improve productivity while responding to environmental risks
  • New ways to assess and manage the biodiversity impacts of development
  • A new State Environmental Planning Policy for impacts on native vegetation in urban areas
  • Significant investment in conserving high value vegetation on private land
  • A risk-based system for regulating human and business interactions with native plants and animals
  • Streamlined approvals and dedicated resources to help reduce the regulatory burden

Transition to the new land management framework begins on 25 August 2017. Work will continue on additional tools and products to support implementation and ensure it delivers the best economic, social and environmental outcomes for NSW.

Who is Involved?

The Office of Environment and Heritage, Local Land Services, The Biodiversity Conservation Trust and the Department of Planning and Environment are responsible for administering various components of the new legislation.

On this website you will find summary information and links to help navigate to the detailed resources of most interest to you.

Ongoing Consultation

Over the coming months Government will continue to develop other detailed components of the package, including the Native Vegetation Regulatory Map and wildlife codes of practice. Further consultation will take place before these elements of the reforms commence.

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